Yes, another photography blog. But not one that covers what most photography and creative blogs will talk about. This is because I don’t necessarily pride myself on taking the ‘best’ or editing the best photos. Rather, as a full time student and freelance photographer on the side, I pride myself on hustling and being more proactive and on top of things than others. This blog will therefore centre around photography and the elements of doing creative work I do not believe get discussed enough, but are just as important. Instead of showing you how to use Photoshop or Lightroom (there are plenty of more qualified people who can do that), I will be focussing on the work and industry beyond simply clicking a shutter button.

Who Are You Anyways?

Clayton Wong is a 23 year old freelance photographer hailing from Vancouver, Canada. Aside from pursuing a bachelors degree in Communication, he most enjoys picking up his camera any chance he gets, with a diverse portfolio ranging from small event shoots to professional football matches, and anything in between.

If not taking photos, he can often be found re-watching Friends, drinking coffee, or exploring his hometown, occasionally all three simultaneously.

The Mission

To showcase everything you forgot you needed to know about freelancing and photography.